React Native vs Flutter: Which one to choose?

react native vs flutter

We take two new latest technologies and we compare them so in this case we are taking react native vs flutter. So a lot of you will be already aware of the React native app development, it is there for around 2-3 years and a lot of companies use it one of them is Myntra Facebook itself uses it and you go around or go to their showcase section you know I’m damn sure you’re gonna find a lot of examples a test line all that.

React native Vs Flutter

It’s a quite mature technology lot of sites use it on the production as well and I think a few months back Google launched flutter, so what is flutter and how it’s different from react natives. In this article, we’ll figure that out.

What is the definition of Flutter and React Native

So if we go to the flutter website so they have a very simple definition like one-liner it says “Flutter which was made by Google, allows you to build beautiful native apps on iOS and Android from a single codebase on real-time”. There are two key words here that you have to remember beautiful native apps and real-time ok it sounds very similar to react but we’ll take a look at how it’s different.

Let’s go back to the react one and when we go to the reactJs it says “React Native is a JavaScript framework for writing real, natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android. … React Native also exposes JavaScript interfaces for platform APIs, so your React Native apps can access platform features like the phone camera, or the user’s location”.

A lot of companies out there are providing Best ReactJs development services using React.Js

The keyword here is javascript and reactJs, how it’s different okay let’s have a look at it to do that we have to look at the architecture? If we look at the architecture of react native, you can see there are two parts of it, Javascript and Native. Which means the application runs in the JavaScript realm and when it has to communicate with the device.

Explanation of React native with examples 

For example for the touch events for the messages for network or anything like that it goes to a bridge, so that bridge itself is a very in that words make react very powerful and that’s what makes it slow so the bridge is something that will convert the JavaScript very into a native variable.

Okay, so the events get translated from JavaScript to the native code and sometimes when you’re doing animation it becomes slow. For example, if you want a drag and drops animation for a smooth or UI, it has to be around 60 frames per second but when you are changing your values from JavaScript to native code 60 times per second. 

It actually is not very smooth after that because it has to do that every single frame 60 times a second. So that’s what makes a react very slow when it comes to UI, it’s good when you’re just getting input and output that’s what javascript is very good at but when it comes to actual animation javascript is not a very good choice than the native code performs better. that’s where flutter is different from React Native.

Explanation of Flutter with examples


Now let’s look at the flutter architecture. In flutter active architecture, as you can see there is no bridge, so there are two languages here, Dart and C++. The Dart is the extension language that flutter is written in and it compiles back to the machine code.

So machine code is like something that directly runs on the hardware you don’t have to go through that bridging at all. Whatever you write in the dart, it will be fine when you compile your app. It will be converted to machine code. So where your variables? you know your events and everything stays in the native realm. Moreover, the communication between the actual device the operating system and the application is the minimum most of the things are taken care by flutter itself or something called Skia engine. 

Advantages of Flutter


react native vs flutter

As you can so there is a Skia engine. So think of it like a browser, okay browser that built-in in the flutter SDK itself. Whatever you’re rendering it will not go to the operating system it will directly go to the dart library and it will render everything on the screen so that gives you a lot of advantages.

First of all that gives you machine level access in Dart so you want to have to that bridging effect anymore you can make your app very very smooth the animation will be slow so remember those keywords that we discussed earlier the beautiful real-time applications that mean flutter can give you better keyframes when it comes to application. 

Moreover, communication between your app logic and the hardware will be much faster because everything at the variant will be happening in the native realm, not in the different languages.

Dart will compile back to C++ and that will compile back to the machine code so that’s what makes flutter very very fast so in terms of performance. Flutter is much better than react native. 

Advantages of React Native


react native vs flutter

Let’s have a look at what advantages are there of react native first advantage of react native is there is a lot more library there are a lot more resources. The developer community is very much mature so if you stuck somewhere about developing your application, you can just search it on the Stack Overflow or just a simple google search and you will find a lot more resources than flutter.

Flutter is a new technology said that something that doesn’t mean flutter will not catch up. Flutter will catch up as more people join in and they will be like you know much more developers helping each other around and you might get stuck at some point in time. But I’m sure there will be someone who can help you around it will take a bit more time than react. 

there’s one more thing I think react has more library available there is a lot of service provider which support react native. They have their libraries written for react native and I’m not sure the same thing for the flutter because for that they have to make a library in Dart. 

JavaScript vs Dart


react native vs flutter

Finally, the major difference between these two is the JavaScript and Dart. So you will be writing your code in Dart it’s your choice key. Do you want to learn a new language Dart? and I think it’s a good move to do that because of that is like you know it’s a multi-purpose language.

It’s not just for mobile development, you can use it for front-end, you can use it for you know back-end. So it makes sense using that but it depends on you if you want to learn a new language and when it comes to JavaScript is already universe like browser supported.

You know there’s NodeJs, there’s robotics, there’s AI also written in JavaScript. There is a lot more support for JavaScript and it’s already supported by the major browsers and all that. So if you if you are already familiar with JavaScript, react native makes sense.

But if you’re trying to make that extra step and learn a new language just to get the best out of the machine, that makes sense. It depends what kind of programmer you are? how much you want to put into your application?


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